This time in france, the weather is so warm and windy. I thought that I can once again able to sing in the rain again. Just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling. I laughing at the clouds, so dark dark above. The sun in my heart, I am ready for love. Let the stormy clouds change, everyone from the place, come on in the rain. I look at the smile on the face. I walked down the lane, with the happy face. I sing in the rain.

Nothing special really, compared to my first visit. The first time of course is quite exciting. I spent one month trying to absorb the scenes and edges of space. Now, I already knew and realized, but, I have a few more partners who willing to get drunk with me and talk craps. Jokes, what a nice ability that God created to let us all abuse it. Well, same thing again, the french girls are the same snoobish look and the guys still focus their attention to the chinese girls. But the nice thing during this trip is, I am the only chinese guy in the group and we all share our happiness and new friendship. It is amazing that we all from different cultures are able to communicate better compared to having it with same race LOL.