The sky is blue, the surface is imbalance. I challenged the unseen, but I have seen just plains of empty surfaces. Tonight, maybe is the an end of the past but the present is still unfold. Well, frankly, I don’t know what I am talking about, but maybe I am just emotional. People have to give me a break to my emotions. I am an emotional being again, I have just noticed that I am still remain the same like before, as I have forgotten that it is still exist in me. LOL.

Laughed. Laughing for what I am. I can just laugh, what else can I do, I have tried my best. The best is still insufficient. Expectations is somewhere I couln’t reach. *smile* At least i still know what I am. I do hope I am being perceived for what I am but not some other person that people wanted me to be. Well, I have tried to conform tho. Cheers. Give me some beer please~ and do look at me when doing that, if not, will like what the French said, “will have 7 years of bad sex”. LOL. Tonight, I’ll stop here.