My car is feeling sad, I know she does, pity for her. I have tried my best to maintain her beauty and shine but things happen people just cant avoid it.

She is a true beauty, the first car I enjoyed driving. She is strong and brave, I know she wanted to show me something out of the extraordinary. But seems she is living in my world which has to deal with many different obstacles along the road.

Her first small scratch lines is due to the car wash services near my house, scratches caused from they spray the car too close, and the power of the water had caused from small scratch lines which hurts me. Dont send your car to car wash in the gas station operated by foreign workers. This is an advice.

Her second scratch is a small dent just behind the aft tire area on her body. Some guy just made a small dent by opening his car door too wide and it hit my car. When my mom showed it to me, I am just speechless because I have no one to blame because I do not know who did it. That is quite sad, isn’t it. From that day onwards, my heart ache all day and I became worried about my perfect perception on her. But I continued to love her and I thought that from avoiding something might stop her from getting hurt.

Her third scratch is on her rear left corner. I think it was hit by some luggage bag due to space was too limited for the guy to move his luggage out his car. I am working in LCCT (low cost terminal airport) so parking my car there would increase her chances of getting hit. Nowonder I saw many people park very far away to avoid that. I guess they love their car too. Well, I guess I can live with a thin white line on my black car.

Her fouth scratch is under the right door on the supporting metal. This one is really deep but it is not very expose to visual. And it is now start to show some rusting sign. I believe it is caused by some rocks that scratched through during my journey to the office or heading home on the highway. The highway to the airport is smooth but it is not sand/rock proff due to road construction carried out everyday along the area and they do not clean the road after the construction is finished.

Her fifth scratch is some small dots on her front bumper. Well, I hate the lorries, especially those filled with sand. And something we cant avoid is the rocks that throw out by tire rotation from the lorries. So many cars driving on his back get hurt. Furthermore, they dont always drive on the left side. It hurts, it hurts. And many times, it hurts me.

Her sixth scratch is on the rear left rim. My car was trying to make a turn after handed the parking ticket in a carpark and it scratched the cement devider which was not visible. Looking at the cement condition, I know that I am not the first one who hit it. My shinny sport rim. My heart felt down the whole night.

Her seventh scratch is also on the rim, this time it is on the front left rim. I was trying to drive inside Zouk’s carpark and it hit the cement divider also. Well, I noticed that the condition there was so dark and the cement divider is not correctly alligned. I was mad at the person keeping the carpark responded that my car is still ok. They are foreigners, I did not blame them.

Her eight scratch is on her rear right corner. One day in LCCT, I gave the car park a chance and park in the congested area so that I dont need to walk so far to the office, which I seldom do. And who knows, someone reverse his car and scratched her! The shiny paint was gone. I touched her wound and I can feel her crying.

Her ninth scratch is on the front bumper too (its an outward dent). This is quite funny. It was caused by my car hit another car that was stopped infront of the traffic light. I was trying to scold the car beside me that did not give way to me while I am trying a put on the right signal. I know he did it on purpose because he was trying to catch the green light that was turning red soon.

I wash my car many times, cleaned, polished, waxed her to maintain her beauty. But I guess it is hard because of our current road/traffic situation and the drivers here behave differently. I still love her, just like while she is new. Today, I have not spoken a word when I got home after the ninth incident because I feel lost. Lost because, I think I am not protecting her well, and sold to this master that kept endangering her in many areas. I worried when will the tenth incident will be.