A lot of friends pity for me when we mentioned that my journey from work took 45 mins. Well, I have been doing that for nearly 5 years and my response was I have used to that. I envious that many bankers able to work in tall buildings, many IT nerds able to work in Petronas tower, many lawyers can go shopping during lunch in KL, and many dentists can see their wife during work. I guess I have picked a wrong profession. haha. On the good side, I get to travel FOC. :) Though not enough money to pay for good hotels.

So, this is the highway I will see everyday and have seen it for over 1800 days already. Do you know how much I have to pay for work every month?

Monthly travel expenditure = (110km/day)(25 days)(0.19 cents/km) + (RM10.80/day)(25 days) = RM792.50