Last night all the managers in AirAsia engineering dept spent some time in Bangsar Seafood restaurant for a farewell dinner with Izani. That event was a little interesting for me. It started from my friend asking "where is SHE going after AirAsia?". I laughed because the name Izani is a guys name. I belived many malays in the group had never tried a set meal in chinese style, they were quite interested on the meal and began to ask many question, some even suspecious of the food that had presented. Well I told them "don't worry, there will be a second chance" because I am the only unmarried guy in the group. All in all, it was fun. Finally we had a group picture that can be posted on the wall in the engineering meeting room. Thanks to Azhari to recommend this restaurant. If not, I will just book some italian or western restaurant. I think both races have to dwell more and introduce our different cultures.

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