During last Christmas I have decided to switch to macbook. Sold my home pc away and switched to iMac. A lot of people have been wondering why. I have immediately structured a respond to them, which is a macbook will make my work happier and can reduce my stress. This is a funny answer but I believe they can understand. After seeing many cases from Managers with health problems, I have this fear of potentially ended up with highblood pressure and overweight. Few of my colleges have caught the idea and switched to mac. haha I like to do things like that. :p
I have a dream that one day that the company will switch every pcs to mac, many believed that it will never happened. Well why not? If a mac can reduce just 10% of processing time, I believe the return of investment can be reduced to less than 1 year from optimizing salary versus headcount. Faster pc means able to do more, and so it reduces headcount. Furthermore, a mac doesn't cost much nowadays. Mac is a brand that suites AirAsia, not a pc. Lets go for mac, a fun pc! hahaha. Have you imagine how a computer selection can affect the culture of the company? I'll buy this idea.

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