Hi Levini,

I guess you are right that AirAsia had faced more delays due to technical issues but recently with our new Airbus A320 our dispatch reliability has reached 99.9%, which means 1 technical delay every 1000 flights which is higher than ANA in Japan. Even with our old Boeing 737 we have been able to maintain at 99.5 dispatch reliability. This target has been set in our organization to ensure competitive advantages to cope with competitions. Not many people know that our reliability are always higher than our fellow competitors in the region. However, I have received many compliments from my friends that they have not seen any delays for quite some time, instead the flight was early! haha. Well I guess you are the 1 out of 1000 unlucky one. However, please note that not all delays were caused by technical, most aircraft was delayed because we waited passengers to board and seldom airlines does that but we love you all. Sometimes were due to external issues beyond our control because the airport and refueling are not operated by AirAsia. Most of the time were due to traffic, and traffic might caused consequential delays for the next flight. But sometimes the pilot will fly faster, burn more fuel to meet the on-time performance, well like I said, just because we love you all. hehe.

(I am sorry that due to certain circumstances that this response did not get to you, I am sure you can understand that. We are working extremely hard for you, all the best.)