Our old friend Joyee had finally married, but the real thing had just begun after wedding dinner. At first we all planned to go singing in Redbox Kareoke, amazingly Tony wanted to join us which made the whole event interesting. :p I had 3 different alcoholic drink that night, we all dropped. The first drink started from Joyee's sister (the one in red dress), we all couldn't refuse from her consistency of pouring the red wine for us, bottle after bottle for 2 hrs. Then we finally managed to escape and decide to go Redbox. While we walking to Redbox, we went pass a disco club Euphora. Tony stood at Euphora and decide to go in, well of course we have no choice but to follow. 5 of us ordered a bottle of Chivas and Tony paid the bill and of course its not free, haha. Tony suddenly had an idea and he wanted to invite all his 5,000 facebook buddies here for a party, and we will be the committee member. No escape again, we have to do it! We took a moment to enjoy and carry on to Redbox. At the Redbox registration counter, we can see that the people were shocked to see Tony and Tony laughed that we have a Redcard membership card, which sort of relates to AirAsia color. The people in Redbox took an autograph from Tony while we singing. We had beer there! But this time we paid for it.