My trip to Siam Reap (Cambodia) was very spontaneous as well. I did my research very intensively and made my hotel reservation 2 days before the trip. This time not only I traveled alone but also booked a private tour under a package in River Garden Hotel, which was recommended by Lonely Planet.
Cambodia was once a shark, they joined forces with Thai and other neighboring countries but now they have became a Panda that relies from financial support from around the world. They gain major support from the Japanese, French, Indians, and other EU countries and they have many conflicts with the Thai now.

My trip to Siam Reap was quite emotional, I felt like I have walked through a thousand years of history, the city of Angkor signifies a journey of a human being, it also signifies the stupidity of human civilization. We human beings are the story creator, and also a damage maker. It is a reflection of modern civilization, where people maintain stability from creating economics, and I always believed that the creation of economics are meant for the imperfection of our current reality. When are we going to realize? The answer is: a crisis.