There is a very dangerous factor in any civilization, which is the betrayal of our own God. The God can be an all mighty divine nature that each individual believed in, or the "self" that afraid of being betrayed. When a nation or an individual became so powerful, it is certain that our fear became to grow. This is a fact.
A powerful nation always enjoyed being entertained. They created art, music and dance to amuse themselves. They create gigantic structures to prove that they are strong. There is a common stupidity in modern civilization as well. It all started with a land:

The king said "Hmm a land is too boring, I want my house to be built beside a lake, and on top of a hill overlooking my people", and they made a lake and a hill. Later the king requested, "now I have a lake but I can't cross over to the other side", and they made a bridge so that people can cross over. The king started imagine and fascinated about his own plans and said, "now this land is too quiet, I want everything to be centralized here!", and so they destroyed their old buildings and built a series of buildings with different designs to centralize his team in this land. But the new city is too quiet at night and he asked to built a supermarket. This is similar to the creation of PUTRAJAYA.
The Angkor civilization signifies the fear hidden in each powerful nation. At first Angkor was a powerful nation and the structures were built with many buddhist idols. Later hinduism took over and the king destroyed all the buddhist faces and rebuilt many temples based on hindu teachings. These temples were sophisticated and expensive to built but during the times when Cambodia went to war with the Thais, the capitol was abandoned and moved to Phnom Penh, statues were chopped and sold to the western buyers, many structures had fallen apart and expensive items were stolen. Once perceived as all mighty temple ruled by many superior God and Goddess, were unable to seize the greed of human nature. Now the funny thing is, after the ruins of Angkor Wat were discovered by missionaries before the 19th century, people have been trying very hard to recover the ruins and retreive the statues which were being sold to the world.
During the world war II, these ruins were used as a military camp and some had been damaged from gun shots. The life of Angkor Wat is complicated and sad, its value all depend on how we perceived it, we have been trying to rebuilt for what we have damaged, abandoned, and debrayed. Its a cycle, and we are the victims of this mess, the good guy and the bad guy. Very entertaining indeed.
I was proud to stand on the center of Angkor Wat, which was believed to be the "center of the universe".