Actually they mean responsible for the payment. :)
Life of singaporeans. Married people carry babies, singles people carry shopping bags...
Crazy ERP payment, you cant U-turn for this.
Kiasi personality, they don't face the facts and the reality.
More beggars in town recently. There's not many room for choices.
Most people are finding the light source, trying to understand their purpose and the meaning of life.Amazed by Fullerton but striving to turn away. Amire rich people but deny their own needs.
They create many indications. Do you understand what each of the pipes are for? Actually, they don't expect you to know.
Behind the scene. Very close to the people in China, denied their own weaknesses and proud of their nation.
Rules, rules, and rules....
Crazy warnings.. look at the warning, more like "Please do not take the little Santa away". :)
They proud of their work... they must wear full gear to feel great!
Hahaha.... isn't the SGD200 already a form of GST? Why pay more services for a service?
They basically being squeezed between.
Nobody can tell which one to read first...
Do you read them?
Individualism, they wont miss a chance to post their blog in public.
No they are not reporters, they take pictures when one started it. This is typical Singapore culture, which is culturally driven by individuals. If most people make the move, many people will just follow the trend. Well, its quite politically fragile though, if they just... follow the trend. You know what I mean. :)