Finally I made a very dangerous decision to purchase my first Canon L lense, this 17-40mm F4L is the cheapest L lense available in the market, the word 'L' means Luxury and its one of the top notch category in Canon family and you know what? I love this lense so much that I slept with it for few nights. The picture quality was so sharp that I felt regreted that I did not purchase this lense before my trip to Hanoi and Cambodia.
I made a dangerous decision and its no turning back now. I am in love with photography, again! I finally realized how crappy my kit lense was. This lense have solved many problems with chromatic abbreviations, distortions, clarity, and low vibrance. I traded in my 18-55mm kit lense for RM100. However, I am still stuggling on noise and grain and I have ask many people on ways to reduce these irritating effects. Well crap, my Canon 400D was fitted with digic 2 processor and I can only take good quality pictures below 400 ISO. I realized that my demand for quality and performance is getting stronger and I not sure how long will this 400D will last. Well, its a good start! Look at the sample I took with my L lense, so crisp and sharp. 19 years since my first SLR, finally I can afford an L lense. :)