AirAsia signed a 10 years contract with ST Aero Supplies for managing our A320 component repairs. We finished our 2nd year in an Arabic restaurant, I am not a big fan of belly dancers but I hope they all had a great time. Well I always like to tease the nerdy Singaporeans with a bit of amusement so that they won't feel bored in their routine culture. I don't know, sometimes I felt that they tend to be a bit nervous and over reacted to small issues, maybe that is the main reason we had a good dinner that night. Each individual around the table carries a vision, our ultimate goal is to deligate all responsibilities to the suppliers. While my vision is to try stimulating their growth and minimizing deviations so that it brings more leverage to the contract in return, and so that passengers can enjoy ultra low fares. Managing relationships is a great skill and we have 8 more years to go.
Hey, if you trying to figure out where is this restaurant, its called Al Nafourah at the Le Meridian, KL Sentral.