Switching from traditional SLR to DSLR is not tough but there are so many things to learn in the world of digital photography. I am glad that I have fully switched to the world of mac from windows which sort of paved my way forward. I have all the tools needed to be a professional digital photographer. Since my last trip to Hanoi, my learning curve had became very intense and I have been reading magazines related to photography, trying out a few softwares recommended by the professionals like Aperture and Lightroom, listening to podcast, and had taken thousands of pictures. I am trying hard to skip Adobe Photoshop though because I know that I do not have time for that yet. I have even volunteered to take some wedding shots for free to build my profiles. This is a big step forward which I know many armature photographers have not reach to this stage yet. Its a lot of hard work and persistence.
Still, I am struggling to improve my low light performance and I need a faster lens, a lens with wider aperture. I have came to realized that it is time to retire my 400D.