10 years after my last New Year Eve countdown in Bukit Bintang, I have decided to revisit the place again hoping that I could take some nice shots, and risk myself for being sprayed with toxic foams which is the most popular thing in that event. I have to say that art is very subjective; I took this photo (which I thought it was great) and showed to the designer in AirAsia. The feedback I received was quite negative, reason being that the picture is exposed with this thing called 'lens flare' (the white circles) which was due to aiming my lens close to a direct light source; a very common picture defects for DSLR. The only way to minimize lens flare is to change to a better filter which has a multi-coated surface or a brand called B+W which is 4 times the price of my existing UV filter. I became to struggle because in the old days, lens flare is an art!
Well I discovered that my most rewarding shot that night was not the event itself but from a shot I made on an LV display beside Starhill. I liked this very much.