The decision of spending my trip to Hanoi was very sudden; I planned my trip to Hanoi 3 days ahead and I have decided to travel alone. Before I went to Hanoi I began to imagine the beautiful scenery of the Halong Bay but right after I touched down, I began to realized that Hanoi was more sophisticated that I have imagined. Hanoi is a city with suffering living within.
Poverty was introduced in front of my iris everywhere I visited, and people constantly tried to cheat you for something, where I named them the 'con man'. I did not blamed them because through their eyes I am able to understand their sufferings and struggles.
The beauty of Hanoi lies inside of every street in the city, people suffers, cheat for money, and those decide not to cheat remain under the rights of poverty, which is good for journalist and passionate photographers. You can see Canons and Nikons everywhere on the street. That is where I realize the power of photography and the power to be able to persuade and influence. My power of be able to bring messages to the world lies on my hand and the lenses in my bag. I have realized that I have neglected that power of mine, that have trained since high school. I began to rebuilt my interest on SLRs after being influenced by the desperate look of this old woman, the impact was strong. This picture was taken with a Canon 400D which had left in my drawer for a year. Actually I prefer using a Nikon 90D but I have no complaints with my Canon because its a gift from my dad. Well, the funny things was my dad bought himself a Nikon 80D after abandoned his 400D. I am destined to be a Canon guy.