I recognized that Vietnamese can work harder than anyone else in the world but I was thinking if its well worth the effort. When they realize the crisis they will be facing without a job, that simply gave them no choice but to continue to work hard, praying that one day their younger generation will not be baring the same life. If you talk about their knowledge of optimizing their economics, they are the experts; people can carry loads of goods on their transport to make their trip well spent in turn saving time and generate the highest income. In modern world, there are laws that prevent from over optimizing economics which widen the gap between the rich and the poor, which we really should be relooking. In Hanoi, you must adapt to the law of traffic freedom, which is drive and walk at your own risk, that really endangering the safety towards the old folks. Kids have to skip schools to take care of the elderly by obeying the strong Chinese family ties. The Vietnam government should relate closely between education and safety in order to fix their economy. They need to create more jobs and focus on street rules.