Hi Hannah,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on your success in Subang
Jaya. As a people in Subang Jaya, I felt glad that DAP have won. 8th of
March will be a night that all citizens of Malaysia will never forget, it
was an emotional night and my eyes were filled with tears in front of the
tv screen and I barely sleep that night, I guess all of us did. You, DAP
have finally gave me hope for a better tomorrow, at least there is
something to hope for, which I never thought it exist for the past 31
years being a citizen of Malaysia.

I was surprised to see many people afraid to go out of their home after
the election, I told them “we should all prove to others that voting
opposition will never cause a riot, it is our right to practice our right.
In fact, it is more dangerous to walk outside yesterday than today.”

The sun shines brightly today after the rain, and the rain is over. The
feeling was great while I walk to my office. I do not know why. Although
there are no difference yet to be proven that soon, I have already felt
the difference in my heart, my heart has changed, my life has changed. I
felt the wind had changed its course and I felt stronger, and will be
stronger tomorrow. I finally love the looks of the Malaysian flag because
it has our name painted on it.

I have tried to show the V sign to my colleagues, addressing them that we
have won, and we start the topic again and again, we never stop talking
about it. Of course, a lot of people is talking about you. Your term “I am
young, but I am clean”. Has addressed a strong message to our people. DAP
has became very famous in Singapore now, we have made them envious,
because they do not have an opposition (shared by a Singaporean today).
Some Malays were asking where is the difference, I told them, “the
difference has not yet appeared, but I have already felt the difference in
my heart”.

I will vote for DAP even if your people have achieve 1 thing that changed
our lives in the next 4 years. Definitely we need a better educational
systems, abolish the bumiputra policy, maybe use our cigarette tax to
built more schools, create more visible environment at night to reduce
crime, develop polices that never take bribes and etc. It is hard, but no
matter what the new government had decide, we will follow your vision.

I feel proud to be a Malaysian, today, after so long, we definitely need
to feel patriotic some how.
Lets do it.


Dennis Yap