If you are driving to LCC Terminal you might notice a small A320 model sitting on top of our academy. Yeah, that's quite fancy isn't it? Due to the reason that Tony (our GCEO) wanted a perfect model, there are numerous dramas had occurred behind the scene to create this perfect model. The project lasted for almost 3 months, only the last 3 weeks before launching of this model, I have been approached to investigate this model on site. Well it was quite interesting because this is not a real aircraft.
The unperfected model was a mess, first of all the nose were too sharp; secondly, the tail looked like the F15 because the contractor re-engineered the tail so that it can be hang on the wall, the engine looked like a toy, the tail cone was done at very poor workmanship, the engine were too behind the wing. Total mess. The contractor was trying to push this model out for delivery but we rejected the whole aircraft and we created a lot of fights to argue "what should be an A320 look like". Well, it is fun to be able to use my aero physics in school and corrected the structural fault on the tail and get them to remodel the tail. Re-engineered the nose by using existing aircraft structural manual, moved the engine forward to match the CAD drawing, brushed up the tail cone, and finally a perfect model.
But guess what, AirAsia wanted to add some lighting on the aircraft during the final inspection. haha. Well that was further negotiated and got it done but funny thing was the lighting was not utilized on the wall after installation. All in all, that was fun because we did it professionally. I always tell my friends, we have to always try to pursue our own technical beliefs, airline engineering does creates many nerds.