There are times that the office will filled with silence, where we receive less mails, where people will ask less questions, where space consume itself and individuals like me suddenly enjoys his time at work, especially after 5. Individuals will feel lost suddenly in that state of serenity, feeling himself closer to the state of Nirvana.... This is the days during Ramadan, the fasting month!

Maybe these "resting period" do applies to non-AirAsians, for us AirAsians, you will find many individuals cursing inertly why can people be so energetic during the fasting month! This is a scary attitude that AirAsians have. Some individuals will perceived as an unhealthy behavior that these people are unwilling to slow down. I have discovered that passion and satisfaction means a lot to AirAsians. Well, we have no complaints since we like the red planes so much.

As for me, I have finally found time to read my aviation magazines during lunch, and update my AirAsia account in facebook. I will not forget the 30 days of 10% less quietness I spent. Thank God, finally I have less mails to read!

(This post was not reached due to picture was showing an empty office, but I am sure that the public can understand that the companies in the nation has a culture of leaving office earlier to catch their dinner during Ramadan. I can, why not you?)