I remembered that all amerture photographers acquire their skills from low light photography and it has always been the first first assignment assigned by the teachers. It has been so many years since I played around with low light photography and I decided to max out the sensor performance on my 400D. In the old days, film processing takes time and I have to worried about the final result for 24 hours; I have to spend on expensive high ISOs negatives. Now with DSLR I can review my result in 1 minute with digic 2 processor on a Canon 400D. I was very energetic that night; I grabbed my tripod and DSLR out to the field around 11pm and wait for my best shot! After 3 hours of long wait and suffer from numerous mosquito bites, I managed to spot a bus passing by which allowed me to take this futuristic shot for my experiment. However, I made a mistake for using 1600 ISO which made the picture look grainy and noisy. Well, what the hack, I know I'll do better next time.
The same night, I went home and did not manage to sleep, and so I carried on with my low light experiments outside my garden and created this shot with 6 second shutter speed. This time with 100 ISO. However, I made another mistake for wearing a white shirt! Well all I wanted was to carry out some experiments, did not expect any perfect results. :)