Malaysians are always the street smart but not during emergency situations. Before our team began to start a teleconference in our office, we began to smell smoke coming from the check in lobby. Well we all did not take any actions as the fire alarms were not triggered. Few minutes later we all smelled something unusual but we all did not take further actions as we saw passengers were checking in like normal. I wondered why they can still act normal with all the smoke covered the whole building. That was really funny!
I guess after an extend when our comfort had reached to the limit, we then started to think about evacuation. And we all were wondering why there isn't a fire warming.
Well no big deal, we had a fire drill before and we all knew where to meet up, and we saw a huge crowd assembled outside the LCCT with us. They look calm though, some were quite excited and began to fully utilize their mobile devices for recording, sms, calls etc. I bet most of us were wondering if we need to work later. :p
I began to draw out my DSLR and to act like a journalist. I just couldn't understand what sort of videos or pictures that these people were trying to take, they were so far away from the terminal and they just raised their mobile and start taking pictures like nobody's business. We are indeed a passive nation, we make small issues big by over reacting. But I do not blame them, that was really out of the ordinary, and most of all, the fire warning had failed to function that day. That lasted for 2 hours and yes, we continued our teleconference after that.

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