I guess Rockwell Collins was trying to kill 2 birds at the same time by inviting both AirAsia and MAS in one table. LOL. Well thats not actually the case. The girl on the right is Kim, to the suppliers and OEMs, she is the most famous Technical Services Engineer in MAS. She in charge of the Boeing 777 fleet but is a good friend of Thales. We all wonder why Thales visit her more than Honeywell while there are only 1 Thales component in a Boeing 777. Nobody can ever resist the charm of Kim, she is the combination of beauty and intelligent. :) And one of the fortunate thing is I am her senior in high school. I wish she can work in AirAsia because I know she is feeling bored in her office, not as exciting as AirAsia. :)
During the dinner, we discuss something very different, I guess because I started it. We kept discussing about religion, philosophy and life other than work. The discussion went so exciting and we all continued the discussion in Shereton. That was very cool, at least we able to finish the Sake.