One evening when I flipped open the Friday newspaper and I began scanning through our new Malaysia cabinet. To be honest, I am not a politician, and not belong to any political party, and also do not recognize most of the names in the list, but I felt very angry about it.
1. Most of them are belong to BN and most of them have lost in the previous election. Why some people from small parties in Sarawak are able to be ministers? Why there are no oppositions in the ministers list? This is so unfair.
2. I was surprised that those people that have lost in the previous election are able to be part of the Jabatan Perdana Menteri. This is so unfair to the people.
3. The Minister of Finance is the Prime Minister himself and all of his members does not hold a degree in Finance. There are people major in Economics and Law but what kind of finance skills they have?
4. The guy that did Finance in college went to be the Minister of Defense.
5. The guy that was major in English was selected to be part of the Homeland Security.
6. The guy that holds a Phd. in Traffic Engineering was selected as the deputy minister of Education. He should be under the minister of transport man!
7. All the people in the Higher Education were graduated from UM. Hey, I have no hopes that our higher education will be improved if we kept on maintaining the people from our old system.
8. There are no lawyers selected in the Minister of Housing and Local Government list, no wonder so many stuffs happened underground.
9. I do not think that our plantation technology will ever be improved to the next level if we have guy who runs with a certificate of construction material estimator in there.
10. Hey, you know what? The guy that holds are degree in plantation is under the department of International Trade!
11. And why there is a Doctor selected for the Minister of Tourism? Well, certainly her counterpart that holds an MBA will not help either. LOL.
12. Sad to see that the guy that selected for the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation has a degree in Plantation Economics. I am sure that our poor streamyx connection rate will never be improved.
13. I cannot imagine a group of guys with Economics, MBA, and Law can ever contribute to Youth and Sports, and I hate that minister because he's fake.
I have hoped that one day we can have a leader similar to Obama. He tells the right thing, he selects the right people. He united both Democrates and Republicants in his cabinet. Why can't we do the same? I am not a politic major but maybe someone can tell me why we still using people from BN?