You know it is hard for us to find good food in LCCT, all we have are fast foods, malay food and recently an expensive Old Town White Coffee. We AirAsians received a RM5 meal credit everyday for buying meals in our AirAsia lounge. You won't miss anything for not able to eat in our lounge, its all Malay foods. You can find same pieces of chicken cooked in red, dark red, light red, brown and dark brown and sometimes black, they are all cooked from the same piece of chicken! How I wish they can serve some Hainanese Chicken Rice here.
Today was my first visit after we had our own canteen in the AirAsia acedamy and look at this picture. With RM 4.90 you can get a big sandwitch served with salad and french fries! It made me envious for people that worked here. Furthermore, you can get to see some nice looking Cabin Crew trainees walking around with a nice smile. Tony named that canteen "Radome" (the name of the aircraft's nose), funny. Nice and friendly people with great music to accompany you, what can one ask for more.