In life and in school, there is one thing that constantly educate us but we never aware, which is leaning to FEAR. How do we learn fear in school? Very simple, many teachers practice domination and power so that students can obey to their rules, and school uses punishment so that student can learn to fear them. When we graduated, the strong friendship that we left behind were mostly because we all had gone through fears together. 

In corporate world, we fear of our boss because we worried of no pay raise, we learn to praise him and accommodate the CEO's instruction all because of fear. We avoid doing more because we fear for more possible failures. We do more also because we fear that the boss does not see our contribution. 

The corporate CEO also have fears, he fear for people complain about his company in facebook, we fear that people does not happy for his service. Some CEO will make big effort just to cure 3 complaints among millions of customer because he fear that the impression will immerge to a bigger issue. We research for satisfaction because we fear that the impression is immense inside the client's mind. 

Unhealthy politics also educate fear, its all the battle between fear, the leader fear of loosing their power and the citizens fear to voice up their comments. 

Fear is a factor that stop humanity from growing. It is very common in social networks where you visit a new site and have no knowledge about it, and you fear that you post something that people might treat it as a stupid question. You fear that everyone will see your comments and aware about it, but in fact there is nothing wrong with it. You fear that you will be banned from that site, you fear that people will have a different impression about you. 

For people that manages the social media, he also fear that things that comments he post will invite negative thoughts, he fear that his business will be affected if he address a true comment about something he felt. He fear that the picture or views does not have enough "likes", he fear that people might see him being inconsistant when he change his views in life, he fear that replying a friendly email can be unprofessional and professional email can be not friendly. Fear has a great play in expressing a true idea or true image of that person. The world turns unreal if fear dominates us. All we see is just a surface of good things that people want us to see. 

Fear is a major element that may turn a photography session a bad one. It is not about the photographer, it is in fact the fear that the individual learn to express when the photographer had ask them to be real. It is hard to find a genuine person but it is harder to find a fearless person. Those negative element, which is fear itself, is a basis from a long time exposure to fear education. Fear education is something we do not want to see. And it is so hard to make people forget about thier fears. 

There are indeed a cure to fear, which is trust. Trust is the one and only cure to fear. When we trust someone, we can be real to him. But in life it is hard to find someone we can trust 100%. Therefore, in order to cure the impurities, I learn to trust a person 100% before he able to. And I learn to be brave, to be a positive person, to be optimistic. I do not care what kind of impression I get for what I post in facebook or any negative impression I get for my business, as long as I am truthful to myself and I am who I am. I do this because I know that everyone wanted to be treat this way, which is someone he hope to meet in his life. I will be that person, because I do not want to be part of the FEAR group.

For those people working in corporate world, I hope you understand that the corporate world is indeed something the true society doesn'y want to have, corporate world is a society that made us turn into a different person, a person that we do not intent to be. In real life I am sure that you want to be a true person but corporate world had made you practice politics and reserved person, all because of you fear of loosing your job. Please take note that there are ways to cure them and your job is not the only thing in your life because if you are sick and suffer in major sickness, your company will not give you any symphathy and only your family will. If you continue to practice fear in corporate world you are not being very contributive to the society because you failed to address the major vision of mankind, which is the things that you feel like making the world a better place or things that serve a higher interest instead of your own interest. When you reply a corporate email please do think that nothing is permanent and the world doesn't need to function this way, it all can be done in a personal manner and you can still be a true person in office. It all comes back on how courage are you and how you want your every minute spent in the office. 

To the photographers that operate their own business you might already know that the major fear in malaysia photography is all about sharing your ideas and do take note that if you continue to fear about what picture you share, the world will never grow in this way and it will indeed stop you for taking more facinating pictures because you will keep snapping the same art work for numerous number of times. If you having the fear of people stealing your pictures in turn you will never learn to create better art work that surpasses your previous art works. Do also take note that if you fear of being dictated or regress to let people know about your real life and ideas, your life will turn to a very secretive one and you will suffer from loosing your own self because you will not have a facebook account that you feel comfortable with. There is nothing wrong with sharing, or showing your true self, there is nothing wrong to go for your own vacation or drinking a glass of beer without having your pictures delivered. Your client will understand. In fact they will like to see the true part of you.