Meet the new DYP Team

Today we celebrate the introduction of Nicholas Chew (on the left), our new member in the Dennis Yap Photography team, we see this bright young gentleman has the potential of becoming one of the shining star in the industry, with the background of many traits, Nicholas is a quick learner and someone with a good heart to offer our couples some unique experience through his snaps. 

For anyone who has the heart to enhance their experience with us, you can still contact us and we will see if we have a little space for you, we are not big and we love to keep our pace small, this is what we believe in order to continuously provide our couples a unique experience with our passionate heart, and passion means a lot to us, it has been the driver of our vision.

Throughout the years we have been trying with many ways and I guess we are in our matured stages, when I started the team we had our studio moved to Empire Gallery and after 3 years I found that the best place is still the home, so we moved back to my home in USJ, life has been much better and of course this has improved the way we do things, working at home actually improved the final result in terms of picture quality. The best is able to continue spending time with family while working.

On the right is our beloved shooter Bryan Yong, another visionary guy with a unique personality, he always has a charm with people surround him, we are so glad that his pictures has been improving everyday until an awesome level, and still implementing and learning.

So here we are, a team that have covered over 700 assignments, what made us for who we are today is a gather of multiple encounters and experiences that will truly benefit our couple, a responsibility that ensuring every bits of work will make our couple a happy one.



Baby Evan's Life Portrait (2nd Stage)

Often times, beautiful things expresses not just the outward form but within a life of the individual. I believe many mom and dad would agree with me that, sometimes things must not be beautiful from the outer perspective but many times came from the inner self. That was the reason we did this shot purely expresses their daily lives with the baby like how they taken care of baby Evan, and how they love Evan from the purest actions, creating memories that will be valuable after many years. Baby Evan come to the world 8 weeks earlier, yes he was a premature baby. The moment I met this couple I found that their personality had totally changed compared to my first visit. The funny daddy became a very soft human being, and pretty mommy had had taken away her conscious of being beautiful, it was no longer important anymore at the very moment, all they want to see is baby Evan growing up slowly and healthily. Their changes had moved me and had really surprises and touched me deeply. Tho mommy Mourice was still trying learn how to take care of this fragile little boy. I guess it was an amazing journey that surpasses all journey in life, even with their wedding pictures are unable to beat that moment of importance. Therefore, my love began to grow stronger, my heart had became softer. And suddenly I realised that, it is not the beautiful scenes that I love to capture, it is LIFE that caught my interest.



The Royale Chulan Damansara Bridal Fair

Many thanks for having us to be participating for the Royale Chulan Damansara Bridal Fair, we are the only photographer that will be participating in this grand event. Thanks to Royale Chulan for using one of our pre-wedding picture for the banner ad. One of the couple's friend spotted and forwarded the picture to them, they felt wonderful to be included. This was taken like 2 years back, good time to recall some beautiful memories with their new born baby. For those that had dropped by to see us, I am sure you all got some fantastic deals that we have not announced before, we managed to close about 4 assignments, for a small business like us, it is consider very good, hehe. Its nice to mingle around sometimes. :)



Dennis Yap Photography Workshops

Its been a year since we did our workshops and honestly we are so desperate to start something this year, something we do need to do every year to promote positive pictures and provide different perspective in photography. Most of the feedback we gotten from our fellow participants was "I never thought that pictures can be seen this this way." which is why we need to be back on track on providing such workshops. 

Our effort to contribute to humanity:

50% of the cost of this workshop are sponsored by our clients as we use 5% of our revenue to promote social awareness, workshops is part of them.

The first workshop. Dennis understands that camera gears and editing techniques are the main focus in this industry and he has found that there is none who spoke about the heart. “The Natural Element” is a photography workshop that primarily focuses on applying the heart and passion to encourage more individuals to photograph something with a positive attitude.

The second workshop. Dennis understands that many photographers have been incorrectly influenced to create artificial memory instead of true memory. “The Spirit of Emotions” is a photography workshop that primarily educates individuals to capture moments and stories that are honest and genuine. On the photographer's perspective.

The third workshop. Dennis understands that many photographers are applying colors that can have a negative impact on the individual rather than serving to improve the present feeling of the individual. “The Sky is Blue” is a photography workshop to mitigate this harmful trend. It is believed that if photographers are willing to take responsibility to extend the love of their clients’ marriages, it will also result in reduced divorce rate. 

The fourth workshop. Dennis understands that many photographers have been incorrectly influenced to create artificial memory instead of true memory. “The Hidden Treasure” is a photography workshop that primarily educates individuals to capture moments and stories that are honest and genuine. On the client's perspective.



Levin & Stephanie Wedding Reception in Alila Villas Uluwatu, Bali

I was so happy to be appointed to this wedding occasion, accompanied with lovely sunlight, great location and filled with buddies in the industry that tagged along. Thanks for the trust and love by the couple, they are just natural and real.

I known Stephanie about 6 years ago when we both had our different paths, she is a lady that believes in true love that one day she can found someone who she really love and trust to venture to that new life she hoping for, its not a bad thing to have a fantasy, actually what she inspired me was that believe in her that able to live within for such a long time, and now, she made it. It was a touching experience where I am able to recall her personality while covering her special day. Stephanie is very natural when she bring out her real personality, though there were stress involve for bringing everyone over in this unique place, and not only is unique, but also one of the world best villa that I have ever shot.

Just few months earlier I was here covering a pre-wedding assignment, you can easily find some celebrities mingling around in Alila Uluwatu. It is also one of the place that many girls dreamed of having their wedding celebrations here, and Stephanie got it. The wedding has only around 30 guest and it is one of my favourite assignment, yes I love small weddings, reason because there are simply many emotions to be captured here, somehow I was the only appointed photographer that day and I have been running around like crazy, hiding and sneaking to capture those unique moments. I became to realise that I can never sit down for long in any wedding occasion even I am not the appointed photographer, my body loves to move around somehow. Appreciate all the laughters in this day, I also hope that the couple had a wonderful time here. See you again Alila!



We are 32 Asia's Most Influential Wedding Companies 2015 by Signature Weddings

We are thrilled to be nominated to be one of 32 Asia's Most Influential Wedding Companies year 2015 by Signature Weddings Magazine. This is something we have been hoping to earn for the past few years, we are proud about the service level that we provide to our couples, these people are not only just our clients but many of them had became our good friends. Good things takes time to brew, if you asked how can we be influential in the wedding industry, we actually follow a list of highly challenging principals from the day we started.

1. The believe that anything essential is invisible to the eyes. One sees clearly only with the heart.

2. The believe the Life Expressions in each picture must provide an Intellectual Element.

3. The believe that every problem is in opportunity.

4. The believe that winning awards does not gain anything.

5. The believe that photography is a life long sharing process.

6. The believe that on time delivery has its essentialness.

7. The believe that photography must not reached its boring situations.

8. The believe that every shots can be different in many ways.

9. The believe that real emotions are captured from truthful photographers.

10. The believe that a good presentation shortens a hundred mile journey.

11. The believe that numbers are essential for artist.

12. The believe that the "artist attitude" kills his own business.

13. The believe that flexibility opens up endless possibility.

14. The believe that small contribution to the society set a good example.

15. The believe that every couple is different.

16. The believe that every story is unique.

17. The believe that every life there is something to be heard.

18. The believe that true loving pictures are to influence negative audience.

19. The believe that education of love and freedom help to shape a better person.

20. The believe that LOVE conquers all, giving is far more important than accepting.

Hope you love what we believe! We will continue to work hard for all of you.