It was a great experience for me be able to have my first photography workshop. I guess I have achieved what I wanted from this workshop, which is to inspire new photographers to focus on their heart and forget about their gears. This is a whole new concept which is rarely find in photograph industry. I guess many topics that had been discussed were not available in even photography schools. However, I believe this will be the trend for future photographers to pick on. In the workshop we discussed about the most basic photography techniques and asked to master these techniques in able to forget about their gears and focus to their heart. Also we discussed about the 10 most critical element to reflect their heart in photography. And ended by giving a direction to the new photographers for what kind of photographers they want to be and how can they expand their mind in the future. The Natural Element has made it first move and next workshop "The Spirit of Emotions" had just been launched right after the first one.

I am amazed by these fellow participants that posted their pictures and began to share their work. Most happy of all is they have been inspired to move further in their photography, maybe to enhance their hobby or even excel in their photography business in the future. Who knows, but the most important is, they get my message which I want to express. 

Thanks to Michelle and Tomoko in Senyum magazine who support me all the way. Thanks to Yoko from Musse boutique who will be supporting me all the way on my future workshops. Thanks to Mandy and LC for modeling for us. Thanks to Kelvin the founder of Visual Art Studio for his videography. Thanks to Kevin Tan for his support and capturing these nice pictures during the workshop. Thank you very much. I mean it! We will move on and be strong, we will continue to have fun for sure!