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Education of expressing human spirit in an emotions is a very rare subject and is rarely being spoken by photographers. The main reason for creating this workshop is to acknowledge the wonderful journey for learning how to express a subjects true emotion, emotions that truly relate to the subject; its not only taking pictures with emotions or moments, but also embedding a spiritual element in the photograph. This this the most modern education in photography even though it has been known for a very long time, just the fact that it might be hard to educate it. Now is the time for you to take the initiative to be part of the 2nd Dennis Yap Photography Workshop. Come join the fun and make friends, you will truly meet a group of wonderful people that might follow your journey in photography. 8th of August 2010 will mark a new beginning of your photography journey, you will feel that you have found a new vision in photography, and of course, you will be part of the roadmap in introducing a different trend in photography today.

I will also be sharing some of my journey for becoming a full time photographer, and also welcome to people who believe in my work and would like to build a vision together.