Ivan is a chef and they both owned a shop in sunwaymas. Ivan is a very sound person who knows what he wanted, he is a Singaporean who does not want to live in singapore. Bravo Ivan! You have made the right choice, lol. When I reach Kelly's house that day, I was shocked to see 3 makeup artist doing her hair together, this is amazing, but I found that the make up were a little heavy, thus I switched some angles and change the way I capture her so that her eyes will not look very awkward. I still remember that Ivan was late for 2 hrs lol we all were wondering but finally saw him and his hang of chefs arrived to crash the gate. It was very funny indeed, the wedding was held on Monday, if you curious why, because I get to know that people that does pork business rest on Monday. It was a wonderful wedding. Seen a lot of unique stuffs. :D