Right after celebrated new year and its nice to start day one covering Sean and Cindy's wedding day. Shot their love portrait a while ago so they are no strangers at all. But because Cindy's house is too big, we got Kevin Tan over to assist me for the day. It was a great morning, everything happened like a fairy tale theme. During the gate crash they even had a singing session with the piano in their house in order to receive the bride. Before dinner there was a blessing ceremony in the hotel. And during their march in, they got all the kids marching in with them with their baby motorized cars, not sure how to name that transport LOL. And later on there was a group of kids dancing ballet with them. Cindy is a unique one, she doesn't want fancy songs and she had selected a list of elegant classic songs for her wedding dinner. Thats why I felt that it was like a fairy tale. 

I still remember during Sean and Cindy's speech. She gave a toast for being an aunty and it was quite unique indeed hehe. And her dad was right, he mentioned that it is tough to raise Cindy as she has a lot of her own ideas in her mind, wanted everything perfect and according to her own way. It is quite ok, in life some people gone through their life process in a very smooth manner and of course we always striving to maintain the smoothness of it and had everything well planned. Cindy had me recalled of my younger days too, but after a part of my life that got me changed my perception, where I came to a point to believe that not everything supposed to belong to me, and from that point of time, I began to live a different perception. It just need a stage in life to change that.