The love of Josh and Rachel is rather a unique one, Josh being the man in the house, while Rachel being the submissive one always listen to Josh, though their relationship is quite long and always had a little of arguments, but inside of them are filled with inert kind of love. Rachel seemed to be a girl who has lots of imaginations and dreams about the definition of wedding, to her a wedding is like a dream coming truth, married with a guy of her dream. While Josh being the rational one does know how to handle Rachel's dreamy ideas, in a humorous way. Though Josh can be a little stiff at first but the end of the day, with a little mix of some emotional element, in the very last moment, he expressed his true inner self, infront of Rachel, which I perceive to be valuable. That makes the end of the day, with Rachel kept admiring her own make up, and Josh got his unique artistic shots. Thanks to Chun Yew, business partner of Josh, to introduce to me this lovely couple.