Its been a great morning where Brandon & Ceci had their ROM in Shah Alam, though there were some disappointments when they unable to register in Putrajaya but I told them it will all worked great. Ceci wanted to add on a pre-wedding package after the ROM and we did it. The sky had mercy on us, it was too good that it did not rain that day though it was cloudy all day. Well we managed to capture some sunshine after that, it all worked out great. Ceci, a bride found her true love during a small car accident, that's when she met Brandon. Brandon works overseas in far far Abu Dhabi, and Ceci will remain in KL. Right after I heard about the story, I managed to structured a theme for them..... "Space of Eternity". Which I think love should not have any boundary due to the limit of space, I believe their love is eternal. The space is wide but their distance is zero. Thats the theme of the day. :) Enjoy.