Springtime is the theme created for Han Chuan & Yee Woon where both would like to have something that reflect their young and simple heart, also added a nostalgic feel to this editing series to bring back the old memories of love and sometimes, it is just an expression of life and the happiness in the small world they have.

We had a long discussion on how to recreate their memory and Yee Woon had told me that their love began in the Zoo where Han Chuan hold her hand in the rain. And surprisingly during the end of the session there was a down pour and we simulate the moments again, allowing them to bring back memory in the old days. 

Yee Woon grandmom said that she love the tree shot very much and she said that the tree signifies many thing about their life. I was surprised that she can actually capture my idea behind. And indeed, Springtime is a theme that expresses a divine moment for both Han Chuan and Yee Woon, and only them know whats going on in the pictures, its something personal, private, and contented theme.