Here are some of the non-edited pictures of Gregg's and Jeamie's actual day. I have to say this was one of the funniest wedding that I have ever experienced. Gregg and Jeamie were so natural that my shutter was continuously shooting for the whole day. Now I have to edit almost 1,500 pictures that I have taken for the day. Gregg and Jeamie will always look for fun and Gregg loved Jeamie so naturally that thier love were so real to me. They made me believed that love is that simple; Its all about sharing, surprises, and natural commitment. I'm so happy for them. Thank you for having me covering their wedding day. The biggest highlight of this actual day were the super heroes that Gregg brought over which made the wedding so funny and entertaining. Gregg's parents came all the way from UK to witness their wedding day and they had never seen a wedding that was so fun!!