This was one of the most memorable wedding have ever encountered. You will be pleased to know Chen Yin and Ching Yoke's friends, they are just awesome. Ching Yoke cousins were very friendly to me and I was forced to drink during the dinner session and end up singing a song on stage. LOL Have you ever imagine a photographer singing with his camera? Everyone got so excited, by dwelling in their wedding, enjoying their moments together, I think I have done something extraordinary, which is to create something exciting for them. One of Ching Yoke's friend walked over told me that of so many photographers he has seen during weddings, I am the first who gave him such a strong impression. I guess because I am just crazy lol... right after the wedding dinner, we all hang out in Chen Yin's house and I took my instax to shoot some candit shots for their friends. They were all so excited, believe me, they are truly nice people. I felt glad.