Thanks to the great support from many friends, finally I have decided to launch my own photography workshop. I was thrilled to receive so many positive feedbacks from many friends, they all were very encouraging. We have looked into what sort of theme we want to create for this very first workshop. We figured that there are many workshops that spoke about photo editing and photography techniques but never have any workshop that spoke about applying the organic element to create an intriguing picture, which made many people greatly depend on good gears and discouraged for having poor gears. The main subject for this workshop is to show fellow newbies and amertures to forget their gears is to master the subject. I am really excited, as this is what I have been struggling to express in many occasions. This time I plan to do it in smaller size.

It was an amazing moment, I never thought that I am able to invite such a number of people to support this workshop. Folks, I have realized that whenever you think of something, just try to take action to achieve it. This is a good experience.

Thanks to Senyum magazine who support all the way to sponsor an article for this workshop; thanks to Musse boutique who sponsored their dresses for the models; thanks to Visual Art Studio who will be sponsoring their videography; thanks to Jasmine who will be sponsoring her makeup; thanks to Mandy and LC who will be modeling for us; and thanks to all that will be participating. A big THANK YOU to you ALL!!