Its an honor to have the chance to shoot Grace Wang, NTV7 broadcaster. I knew Grace long time ago from her days in NTV7.  This is the first time we met after numerous arrangements. Before this portrait, Grace have taken several shots for commercial use in NTV7 but I felt that something missing from those shots and therefore we made this shot to really express her emotions. It is tough to capture Grace's natural emotions and everytime she knew that the camera is pointing at her, she lost all the natural look, I understand this is tough for her and so we made the session differently. And finally, this is what we get from it. I really love this series. To me, it is a great achievement. While driving in the car, I managed to grasp what is in her heart and what are her actual feelings in life, it is hard to know her as some people are very hard to open their heart. Well, I know this will not stop me from knowing her and with my sincerity, I guess I am able to capture her true self. Thanks Grace. I guess she realized that the portrait session is only a fraction of the work, the real work lies on the sharing process which made these pictures something that express her.