Met up with Shahrir and Natasha many months back and get to know that they wanted something different in their wedding. As you may aware, most Malay Weddings are rather serious and proper but Shahrir and Natasha wanted something different, out of the ordinary. Therefore, they choose to have their engagement in beautiful Villamay Shah Alam. One of the most beautiful venue that I have ever shoot. There are so many location to shoot for in this little venue. Everything is so detail and I can feel that the owner of this venue really put their heart to make this venue an unforgettable one for any couple that have chosen this place. Very happy to shoot their engagement and I can't wait to finish up their pictures. Shahrir and Natasha both graduated in the state, this is Natasha's wish to have her engagement in Villamay. They know what they want and my job is to give them what they looking for, and also as a photographer, to shoot something that truly reflect their personalities.