Day 1 - Edinburgh

Day 2 - Edinburgh

Day 3 - Edinburgh

Day 4 - Aberdeen

Shot Brandon and Ceci's Pre-Wedding after their ROM couple of months back. After the ROM both of us became good friends and I always love to meet this couple as they are such a decent couple with simple dreams. Understand that Ceci's dream is not simple sometimes, simply because their love is not a simple one but it happened in a simple manner. Brandon and Ceci did not meet each other everyday because Brandon have to work in Dubai and Ceci loved her work so much and she decided to continue working in Malaysia. Initially we intend to have our pre-wedding session in Dubai, and we both discussed over the shooting arrangement in the desert but AirAsia had cancelled the flight to Dubai, we switched to Aberdeen and Edinburgh since Ceci's sister reside in Aberdeen. 

The process that everyone met up for this assignment is fun and exciting! Bradon flew all the way to Aberdeen and Ceci flew to Aberdeen first from Kuala Lumpur with her mom. And I flew to Aberdeen a week after. First took an AirAsiaX flight from KUL to Stansted, took a coach from Stansted to Heathrow, and followed by BMI flight from Heathrow to Aberdeen. A day after we took a few hours drive from Aberdeen to Edinburgh. Its tough and tiring but it all worth it. And Edinburgh is so pretty and unique. 

At first we planned our trip to Isle of Sky which is few hours away from Edinburgh but we decided to route our trip to Edinburgh city due to time constraint. Before I shot Brandon and Ceci, I wanted something memorable, silence, satisfaction, calming and contented. These key points fits all with Ceci's idealism which I want these pictures to last longer over time and it must serve the brewing mechanism because their wedding will happen a year after the pre-wedding shoot. It is hard for others to relate with the pictures but each and every one of them tells a story of Brandon and Ceci, I guess only both of them are able to understand from these pictures because these pictures are designed to click with their emotions and their love. 

Brandon and Ceci hired me for 2 days assignment but we all get so excited and we totally forget about the hours spent and I really enjoyed my time there. Just to make their trip well worth it. And I guess I've proven that pictures are priceless because it is a record of their love in a hidden manner. I am so happy for them and I felt so great that I've managed to fulfill their vision.

A day after the pre-wedding shot, Luey (Ceci's sister) had their small little family portrait with James (their son).