Really love ROM assignments, especially able to witness both people began their journey for a new life. Will be shooting their actual day this coming December. Before I met Joan I thought that she is a quiet girl but I found that she is really an outspoken one. She can talk anything and laugh about it and she talks really fast. LOL. There are more to be discovered from this couple. I am certain that their actual day will be filled with laughter and joy. One of the funniest thing is all their friends are Canon users including Foo Shen himself. It is nice to see so many DSLR users nowadays, you can easily see at least few DSLR users in any assignments, which is good in a way that I know that more people will be able to appreciate my art; and people will be easier to understand my photography. I couldn't wait to cover their actual day. During the ROM, most of the girls dressed in pink, this is just the beginning I guess. I guess something unique will be coming up soon during their actual day. Cheers Foo Shen & Joan~ lets do something special~