CJ is my cousin sister, she used to stay in my house for a while and saw how she started with Alwin and finally decided to tie the knot. I was very busy editing my pictures in the home office every night and I left the living room freely for them lol. Time flies, for the moment she asked about my package I was surprised, with the zombie face, yes that was my life when I used to work alone. Gave CJ a good deal, and we went to some local places for some fun shots. CJ brought over all my other cousins over during the shoot, it was filled with laughter and such and end of the day Alwin said that he is about to be addicted and shooting pre-wedding is not that tired afterall. We so ventured to some nature, and finished off in Petaling Street, we did some shots at the chicken rice shop :p, the old tailor shop and in the heart of Petaling Street lol. 

The session went great and one of the session I love is the session in the begining where I asked them to do some shots with just her veil on, just right outside the balcony. I thought it might be quite meaningful because they spent most of the time here in my house. Sharing some coffees with the beautiful sunrise, yeah thats the main reason I like about my condo. Its always filled with positive energies.