Covered Albert & Angie's wedding day today and it was an emotional day with a little down pour. When I entered Angie's room, the whole ambient is very quiet, with the sound of rain drops, a peaceful morning. Sentimental Angie grabbed her mom and dad, gave them a sweet hug, she felt so much in it. Saying good bye to her lovely dog. Angie's dog is even more emotional than her, like able to sensed that Angie is about to depart from the house. And the doggie is like her dad, had started to missed her. Angie is her dad precious, and I guess for many years Angie had been imagining about her departing the house and left her dog alone. I do not know how's her doggie now but I guess like us all, after many years we still missed the one that we loved once in a while. And maybe during rainy days, the slideshow able to recall those moments, when the clock is ticking, the rain is dropping on the ground one by one, when the sky turns gloomy, we able to recall the day, when Angie got married and departed the house, to pursue a new life, to be with Albert, the handsome one hehe.