The session with Kok Wai & Michelle was awesome, both of them really cherish the time being together and celebrate this special day of them. Kok Wai booked a room in Pullman hotel in order to shorten the driving distance to JPN. And we did a small session in Pullman Hotel Putrajaya right after the registration and some family portratures. Since the session is not long, the whole session is all Beloved session. Driving them to discover the most important thing in their relationship, and spoke about those words that is deep inside our heart that we seldom had the courage to express. The more I understand Kok Wai, he is indeed a guy that treat a lady well, he provide fashion consultation for her, tidy up her hair for her, just do whatever he could to make her the prettiest princess in the world. And Micheal is a sentimental girl, summited to Kok Wai. At the vary moment Kok Wai spoke about his deepest feelings, Michelle just fall into tears. And after that those emotions just poured one by one. One of the most successful beloved session I ever had.

At the moment I departing home, the grandmom said that I am good photographer, she began to missed me. I felt glad that I played an important role in their life.