Flew all the way to Penang to capture Ee & Stephanie's wedding dinner (part 2). It was a simple wedding dinner. In between the wedding dinner I was pulled to capture the tea ceremony session with their relatives. At that moment an incident that triggers me, I noticed that the sincerity can be observed from how we drink the tea LOL. Me and Stephanie were quite straight forward people, once I noticed that why most of the elderly did not finish the cup, I asked Stephanie why and her response was they are like this. Doink... lol. But one old lady, she finished off the tea and gave her blessings, I can see that she has an intimate relationship with her. Hope you can bare with me, I've seen many wedding tea ceremony, once in a while we get some enlightenments. Therefore I would like to address something to all elderly the true meaning of a tea ceremony, and I will do it in my next post. :)