There is one day my friend came to me and ask why I never consider starting up a voting competition, since we have seen others that does for baby photos and personal photo. My eyes began to shine and yes why not! I realize that there are many things to be educated from voting contest such as sharing love stories, let other young people to know that there is always a positive things out there, and it is not so harmful that I be giving a free session each year though just have fun and make people happy. I am so glad that I got all kinds of support from everywhere to make this session successful. At first I thought I can only attract around 10 couples but in the end we stopped with 60 couples, whoever got the highest vote will win a free couple portrait session worth RM1800. Congratulation to Khang and Esther for winning the highest vote. We get wishes from Yu Heng one of the very popular singer in malaysia, Eye Do Makeup for sponsoring her make up and hair do session for Esther, a flower bouquet from Flower World, and Happy Fish Production for sponsoring themselves to make this session more a lively, and Musse Boutique who sponsored Esther's dress. Also supported by Khang and Esther's friends! We had a lot of fun during the session, and I hope the theme Labor of Love well suite the concept. :) something different. Thank you everyone for your kind support, its my pleasure to have you all.