I am always happy to have photographers to engage my services, which also means that they see what I have to offer to them and they really love my work. Kenny and Natalie are my youngest couple thus far, Kenny always love to have Natalie as his model, when I met Kenny he told me that he love to have nature and sunset pictures taken, it took us a while to finalize the location and we picked our session in Port Dickson. We have a long discussion for searching for the right gown as there are simply not enough good gowns back in his hometown. Then I urged them to come over KL to visit Pretty In White and right away they have found a gown they liked. Haha that was easy.
I had a long thought about how to make Kenny and Natalie pictures more lasting, since they are young in age I am sure there are many things and obstacles they will be facing in the future. Therefore I made their album a little more mature, they might not realized that I made them look 10 years older, a more matured gown session, whereas the casual session we did all sorts of funny poses and young and alive session. Really love the sunset shoots that captured during that day where the leaves were filled with raindrops because the sunset happened right after the rain had stopped. So divine and surreal. They told me that the pictures look like in somewhere else, then I commented, it's Perth lol.