It is nice to receive commercial assignments once in a while, and this day I am covering the stage 2 of Ruemz Hotel. In between both stages I realized that Ruemz managements had also changed a lot and it might deviated from their original theme, which is want to show that this hotel is alive and young. However, I love this idea and proceed to continue with the theme, and here are some of the pictures that I have delivered. Commercial assignment are a little unique, where they put me in an empty space, and I have to shoot something to make it look not only nice but also matches their brand.
I have very high expectations for my commercial assignments, where I do not want to be the person who deliver pictures and go home, before the assignment my goal is very certain, where I will ask how can I enhance their brand. I studied the Ruemz brand from top to bottom, get to know people around and understand their nature of the shoot, and I propose my vision that could enhances their brand.
There has been many discussion from Ruemz where they wanted to invite me to display my pictures on the hallway, coffee house and etc. we made up the costing but this is still pending due to management change.

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