This can be one of the most touching wedding I have ever shoot where many people cried and laughed. Inherited from her mother, Yee Woon is very looking forward for her big day and wanted to wear Kua during her actual day. I still couldn't forget that while Yee Woon leaving the house, her mom and dad poured with tears, asking Han Chuan to take good care of Yee Woon, all her mom said to them was "as long as you both are happy", happiness became the most important wishes from her, more than simply being rich.

Overtime I have seem many different families with different values. This is one of the best families I have seen, which is about happiness. We should all followed these kind of values. Yee Woon had never hug her dad and finally today she managed to make the serious dad cried. And also her Grandmom, I couldn't forget her eyes and how she looked at Han Chuan.

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