Yes! Chun Yew and Shen Shen, one of my best couple ever! Both of them were very friendly and we had a very enjoyable session, Chun Yew works in his own business, he has his own spectacle shop so I suggested for them to use a few of his nerdy spectacles for the shoot and they did. Chun Yew owned a Beagle and Shen Shen owned a cat, initially we wanted to add the beagle and the cat in the session but we decided to carry out the shoot in Melaka. They are both couples that appreciate life together and very down to earth, for this series I used a very young theme for them, yet looking a little vintage plus some film effects in the editing because Chun Yew is a big fan of old camera. At first they thought that I will produce them with a romantic theme but in return I produce them with a happy theme, I guess this has surprised them and they SMS me and said thank for the happy theme, everything seems very happy and wonderful. Lol. The sideshow had captured many attention while displayed during the dinner session and now I received another assignment for one of his partner and they have secured a session with me in Bali, yey, another different theme to be developed. Hehe.